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Exciting News


Thank you so much for another amazing year, you are all very important to us. It's lovely to see our customer's businesses grow and grow over the years and that we have been lucky enough to help support you with our high-quality hair products, variety, low prices and stock reliability. It's also lovely to see our customer's client bases grow and using us as your main supplier. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to supply to you.

We have some very exciting changes next year including a new move to a much larger bespoke-built premises and the introduction of our new Super Colour Ring with up to 150 shades. We're also adding more items to our ever growing range of products with over 13,000 and 180 colours.

We are also introducing a new range of ULTRA THICK Russian Slavic hair with high ratio double drawn strands.
Check out our brand new Professional Salon Posters from £3.99

You can purchase them here
We're always adding new products to our website. If you have any ideas on products you'd like to see, simply drop us a line.
Euphoria Dog Rescue and Rehoming Centre

Another side of our business is a charity in which we are setting up which specialises in saving stray dogs from abroad from countries such as Spain and Cyprus and rehoming them here in the UK or other EU countries from our UK-based rescue centre. We are currently working closely with charities abroad to make this happen.

This is purely funded by Euphoria One and will be a non-profitable organisation. We will rely on volunteers to help look after the dogs.

Please visit our brand new Facebook page for more information and updates.