Tiny Tip Hair Extensions



Our Brazilian Remy range is an excellent choice for people who want that little bit extra. Brazilian hair is renowned for its natural thickness, durability and luscious volume. The cuticle layers run naturally in the same direction, which results in healthier looking and longer lasting hair. Each bond is identical in thickness from root to tip. Every batch is carefully hand selected to ensure the highest quality is met, so we can provide the best luxurious results, everytime. Brazilian hair is very versatile so it can be easily straightened, curled and styled, as you would with your own hair. 

This method is available in 16-18 inch, 20-21 inch and 22-24 inch double drawn with up to 200 colours to choose. From stunning natural shades to extravagant bright colours, beautiful dip dyes and blended mixed tones. 

Our Brazilian Remy pre-bonded hair extensions are available in I-Tip, Tiny Tip, Nano Tip and U-Tip Italian keratin bonds. Italian keratin is the highest quality, safest and most durable adhesive on the market to use for semi-permanent installation and re-bonding. 

 Each Tiny Tip bond has a tip circumference of 1-2.5mm and weighs 0.8-1 gram per strand. These are compatible with Mini Copper Tubes and 4.5mm Silicone Lined Micro Rings/Beads.

 Brazilian Remy pre-bonded hair extensions have a life span of up to 12-18 months with the correct aftercare. It is essential that you follow our aftercare and maintenance advice to ensure the hair stays in a healthy condition and the integrity of the bond remains intact. 

If you require help ordering our Tiny Tip hair or you have a question to ask, please contact us by texting 07771 788829 or email info@euphoriaone.co.uk.