Euphoria One Human Hair Extensions Aftercare

You’ve had your gorgeous new hair extensions fitted, what’s next? Taking good care of them and making them last.

Please read through our simple aftercare and maintenance advice carefully.

Your hair extensions will require regular maintenance to keep them looking healthy and nourished. Providing each step is followed correctly your hair will last its full lifetime without any problems and will continue to look beautiful. Remember this is human hair, so you will need to look after it just like you would with your own hair. Regular maintenance should be carried out within a minimum of every 3 months by your fitter to ensure the hair is looking at it's best. Regular maintenance includes top up packs and treatments if needed with every maintenance appointment as your hair will show signs of wear and will naturally thin during wear. As we supply very unique highly processed white blonde shades, you will be required to take extra care with these shades as they are more susceptible to damage during wear. Top up or replacement packs will be more necessary with these types of shades in comparison with darker or natural toned shades. As our hair extensions are coloured in the manufacturing process, certain pigments can wash to a lighter tone after the first few washes. This is perfectly normal and isn't anything to worry about. We would always recommend using recommended colour protection products for use with these shades. 


Please ensure that you and your customer are 100% happy with the product prior to fitting. Any discrepancy in the colour, length, quality or texture of the product must be resolved before the product is fitted. Once any item is fitted, this will void our returns policy.

For keratin bonds to fully set and work the way they’re designed to, we recommend that you do not wash your hair within the first 2-3 days after having them applied. Allowing the bonds to set properly will ensure the maximum lifespan of the product.  

We recommend the use of a Macadamia Mask 3 times a week to help maintain your beautiful hair extensions. This will leave the hair looking and feeling soft and shiny.

Allergy Advice and Patch Test

The patch test ensures you or your customer does not react negatively to a particular tape, adhesives or hair product. If you have a known sensitivity to metal, do not use products which contain metal such as Nano Tips or our Copper or Aluminium beads. We cannot confirm if any of our products have come into contact with these metals or any other metals in the factory.

1. Place a small amount of adhesive/tape/hair on an area of sensitive skin.  

2. Put a band-aid over the adhesive/tape/hair and send your customer home for the night.          

3. Instruct them to remove the band-aid the following day and check for any reaction.  

If there is any redness or irritation, do not use the product on yourself or that particular client.  Also, check to make sure that the bond didn’t release from the skin.  If no irritation occurred and the bond was secure, you can use that product with confidence.




  • Please ensure that your natural hair is washed prior to installation. This is to remove any residue, including product build up, oil and pollution. Your hair must be free from any kind of conditioner, styling product, balm or natural oils. Your hair must be fully dried before installation. This will provide a clean surface to allow the bonds to adhere correctly and prevent them from sliding and becoming loose. 
  • After your hair extensions have been installed, we recommend Euphoria One aftercare products to maintain your hair and restore your hair’s natural oils and moisture. We also recommend the use of a Macadamia Mask as part of your aftercare treatment. These nutrients can be lost after washing and blow-drying. Our aftercare products will also condition your hair and your hair extensions, leaving them naturally silky, shiny and soft. Euphoria One LTD will not be held liable for hair extensions being subject to non-recommended aftercare products. 
  • One of the first things you may notice immediately after having your hair extensions installed is your scalp may feel tender or sore. Don’t panic, this is normal and will subside within a couple of days. You have extra weight attached to your head and this should not be perceived as a problem, therefore you have no need to worry. However, if the tenderness or soreness persists, or you endure any other issues, you should contact the stylist who installed them to check, as this may be the result of the bonds being fitted too tightly. 
  • Your natural hair will grow by approximately 1.5-2 inches within three months. If your bonds have not been separated correctly once installed, your hair roots may start to tangle together. This is not healthy for your hair or your scalp if this issue is ignored. Please refer to the Brushing section with help to prevent this. 
  • We recommend that you keep your hair extensions in for up to three months at a time, leaving a two-week gap between installations. This will allow time for your natural hair and scalp to rest.
  • We do not recommend the use of shampoos and conditioners containing sulphates and parabens. These chemicals are found in a number of well-known branded hair products and can cause hair to dry, split, shed or discolour and cause bonds to deteriorate. Always look out for the following ingredients on the back of the bottle before purchasing: 
    • Amodimethicone (Suitable for protection coatings, not products for washing)
    • Paraben Preservatives (Methyl, Propyl, Butyl, and Ethyl)
    • DEA, Cocamide DEA and Lauramide DEA
    • Petrolatum
    • Siloxanes (Cyclomethicone and ingredients ending in “Siloxane” (e.g., Cyclotetrasiloxane)
    • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) and Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES)
  • Many factors including products on the market can cause hair to shed which are out of our control. Euphoria One Hair Extensions are not liable for shedding products. We would always recommend the use of a good quality weft adhesive prior to fitting of weft hair. This will ensure the weft track is completely secure and will minimise shedding. Other factors can cause bonds to not set properly upon installation and become soft. Euphoria One Hair Extensions is not liable for bonds which become soft and have not set properly. 

Euphoria One's shampoo and conditioner are free from all of these chemicals.

  • It’s perfectly normal to lose some hairs when brushing. The average person can lose up to 100 strands of hair a day.
  • To ensure the full lifespan of our hair products we strongly recommend the use of our aftercare advice and recommended aftercare products.


We do not recommend additional colour application on our hair products as this may lead to damage to your hair. If you choose to colour your hair, the colour should be applied by a professional and carried out on test strands first, to achieve the desired results. This will be done at your own discretion and risk. Euphoria One Hair Extensions will not accept any liability for damage to hair extensions due to colouring. This also includes the use of pigment toners (silver shampoos).


When dry:

  • It is important to only use a hair extension brush on or near the extensions. This is to prevent the hair from snagging. Hair extension brushes are specifically designed to flow through the bonds. The use of round barrel brushes, brushes with ball tips, wooden bristle brushes and any other similar products may rip hair from the bonds and cause unnecessary damage.
  • When hair is fully dry, gently brush through thoroughly in a downward direction.
  • Please make sure bonds are held when brushing to prevent excess tugging and to prevent forcible removal of the bonds.
  • It is perfectly normal to lose strands of hair when brushing, so don’t panic. Holding sections of the hair, starting with the bottom section and gently brushing the sections in turn, working your way up to the section nearest the root, and then brushing through the whole of the hair carefully, will help prevent this. 
  • Do not brush between the scalp and the bonds. 
  • On a regular basis, gently separate the bonds with your fingers to help prevent matting and tangling.
  • Gently brushing your hair thoroughly at least once or twice a day will prevent knotting and matting. 
  • We advise you not to over-brush your hair, as this may result in damage to strands and unnecessary wear and tear.

When wet:

  • When your hair is wet it is at its most fragile state. Only use a wide-tooth comb lightly on the extensions to separate the strands.
  • After you have towel-dried your hair, brush very gently in a downward direction, using a wide-tooth comb to remove any excess knotting.


  • We recommend that you do not wash your hair within the first 2-3 days after having your hair extensions applied.This is to allow any bonding agents to fully harden. At night, tie hair up in a loose ponytail or plait.
  • Prior to washing, de-tangle hair from ends to roots.
  • You should only wash your hair extensions 2-3 times a week with a mild shampoo in warm water. Over-washing could lead to dryness and unnecessary wear and tear to bonds. 
  • Smooth shampoo down the hair extensions as tangling may occur if rubbed in multiple directions.
  • Make sure you wash in amongst the bonds, avoiding the bonds themselves.
  • Conditioner should only be applied from mid length to the ends of your hair extensions. Never apply conditioner to the bonds.
  • Wash the hair in an upright position using warm water only.
  • When washing your hair, do not tip your head over the bath as this could cause tangling.
  • If you have two or more colours in your hair (especially dark and light), we recommend care is taken when washing for the first time to ensure colours do not mix with one another. On rare occasions certain products may cause colours to run. Euphoria One Hair Extensions will not be liable for colours which run into one another due to colour mixing.
  • Hair colours will naturally fade overtime. Bright colours may fade more quickly depending on the aftercare techniques and products used on the hair. Euphoria One LTD will not be held liable for discolouration or fading of any kind after the product leaves our warehouses. 


  • Heat is your biggest enemy, only blow-dry hair on a cool setting. Using a hot setting may result in the bonding agents softening and loosening over a period of time.
  • Dry hair using a blotting motion and squeeze the hair in a towel to remove excess moisture. Do not rub or roll hair dry in a towel.
  • Blow-dry section by section, gently using a wide-tooth comb. 

Styling & Finishing

  • Straightening irons, tongs, crimpers and heated rollers can be used on your hair extensions.
  • We advise that you use a good quality heat defence spray to protect your hair and hair extension hair at all times when working with heat.
  • You must keep any heat away from the bonding agents at all times, as this may cause them to melt.
  • Hairsprays, serums and gels may be used on your hair extensions. Please make sure you avoid all bonded areas, as this may result in slippage.


  • It is recommended that you tie your hair in a loose ponytail or plait before sleeping. This is to prevent unnecessary tangling. 
  • You should never go to bed with wet hair. 

Exercise, Lifestyle, Holidays, Discolouration & Fading

  • We do not recommend that you swim when wearing hair extensions. Seawater and chlorinated water may cause hair extensions to dry, matt, discolour, knot and can weaken the bonding agents. 
  • If you do choose to swim, we recommend that you place hair extensions into a braid using a covered band. Immediately after swimming, rinse hair with fresh water thoroughly to wash out any chemicals that may lead to damage. This will be done at your own risk. Euphoria One Hair Extensions will not be held responsible for damage caused by seawater and chlorinated water.
  • If you use a sunbed, it is advisable to wrap or cover hair extensions first. UV lighting may weaken bonding agents, discolour, or dry the hair out. 
  • Be sure to use a good quality UV protection spray when your hair extensions are exposed to prolonged sunlight. If you choose to wear hair extensions abroad in a hot climate, your hair may become dry. Keep hair well nourished and hydrated and be sure to protect the hair from UV rays. High levels of Ferrum Components found in tap or shower water abroad may also cause damage to hair.
  • If you regularly use a sauna or steam room make sure bonds are completely dried as soon as possible after use.
  • Leaving bonding agents in a constantly damp condition may cause damage and decrease their life span.


  • Euphoria One Hair Extensions will not be held responsible for discolouration of any sort while wearing hair extensions.
  • Hair discolouration is a common problem with all types of bleached coloured human hair. Many factors can cause this including high levels of Ferrum Components found in tap water, Calcium levels over 50 Ca mg/l found in hard water, high levels of UV rays, Chlorine, sea water and other factors. This is not a manufacturing fault and it can be prevented. There is a heightened risk of discolouration when wearing your hair abroad and washing your hair with water containing high levels of Ferrum Components in the UK and mainly abroad. If you're a trained professional we would strongly advise to produce a disclaimer for your customers to sign prior to installing bleached hair products, warning them of the risks and making them aware hair discolouration can occur. It is important to read the information from the link below in red in order to help prevent this when wearing your hair abroad. 
  • We strongly recommend that you read this information carefully regarding hair discolouration. Please click here to view more.
  • Mailbu C is a specially formulated range of products which can reverse the effects of discolouration. 


  • Many factors can cause hair to fade and all hair, natural and hair extensions will fade throughout the duration of wear. It’s important to include this in your aftercare and consultation forms and discuss this with your customers prior to fitting so they understand that fading is common and in most cases can not be avoided. Hair extensions are worn over a long period of time and may need to be dyed and topped up with colour at various times throughout the wear of the product. Euphoria One LTD will not be held responsible for any form of fading as it is the organic nature of hair colouring.
  • Hair fading is more common in the summer months as the natural UV light will cause lightening, UV protection sprays will protect against this but only to a certain point. 
  • Certain products on the market can strip the hair of it's natural colour, applying too high heat, UV rays, general wear and tear, washing etc. can all aid towards fading. Bright colours are more prone to fading so extra maintenance may be required to keep the colour looking as amazing as it did when fitted.




  • Please ensure a professional removes your hair extensions with the correct tools and solution to prevent damage to your natural hair. We strongly recommend the use of our Hair Extensions Removal Solution to remove our keratin bonding agents.

It is the responsibility of the hair extensionist/salon to ensure customers receive the correct aftercare and maintenance advice when purchasing Euphoria One hair products.

Now that’s out of the way, we hope this will help you to understand the importance of maintaining your hair extensions and to keep them looking naturally beautiful.

Our hair is continually tested to ensure quality is kept and our commitment to maintain good quality hair can be seen in every product we supply. We invest a lot of time in providing excellent customer service, as we believe this is of utmost importance. Here at Euphoria One we value all of our customers and will always continue to do so.

For more information or advice feel free to contact a member of the Euphoria One team by emailing