U-Tip/Nail Tip Hair Extensions


True Russian hair is very hard to source, especially from the northern states and cold Siberian regions. These regions are said to be the very best in the world for obtaining high-quality natural hair. The donors are mainly of East Slavic ethnicity. It's said that the Slavs in the communities in which the hair is sourced, have a history of good genetics and healthy diets. Their diets are simple, high in vitamins and nutrients, and low in salt, sugar and processed foods. This in turn has influenced the growth and quality of the hair fibres. 


Our hair is collected from the northern areas of Russia, mainly Slavic ethnicity regions. The hair is cut raw in ponytail form from donors who are willing to sell. The hair is then carefully selected and prepared for hand-dyeing. It is not chemically stripped or treated in any way. It is then divided into strands, which are professionally hand tipped with Italian keratin. No silicone oils or agents have been added to enhance the hair's appearance. As the hair is cuticle-correct Remy it will continue to act very strong, beautifully silky and extremely durable throughout its lifetime.

This range is available from 18 inch to 24 inch in 20 colours. These include stunning natural hair tones from black to blonde.

Our Russian Remy pre-bonded hair extensions are professionally hand tipped and available in I-Tip and U-Tip Italian keratin bonds. Italian keratin is the highest quality, safest and most durable adhesive on the market to use for semi-permanent installation and re-bonding.

Each U-Tip bond weighs 1 gram per strand. These are compatible with Heat Fusion application.

 The average life span of our pre-bonded Russian hair can be up to 1-1.5 years, providing our aftercare advice is followed correctly.


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